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new snack

for a mid morning snack i tried something new today!

3 wasa light 12 grain crackers (i ate the other one before i took the picture!)

1/4 cup fat free ricotta cheese, spread over three crackers

one small sliced vine tomato

3 slices turkey breast

it was crispy, full of protein and yummy!


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green monster

this morning i had a green monster for breakfast. Angela started the green monster movement. she is a genius! who knew that drinking your greens could be so tasty and good for you. my green monster wasn’t that creative today, but it had:

1 1/2 cups baby spinach

3 oz fat free plain Chobani

5 oz skim plus milk

1 scopp vanilla designer whey

1/2 frozen banana

It was delicious! i sipped it on the train on the way to work. nothing like some greens to start the day!

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i have wanted to start blogging for a while. i feel like i have so much to share and need an outlet for  my thoughts. there are so many creative blogs out there about healthy living, eating, exercising, love, weddings, babies, pop culture, travel, music… i just want mine to be its own self.

i am a notorious procrastinator and its not  something i am proud of. I love being done with a project whatever it is, so not sure why this doesn’t help me get motivated to get moving on what needs to be crossed off the to do list.  Case in point — i am registered to run the Healthy Kidney 10k this Saturday in Central Park, but i have  been lax about training.  i hope i can make it! i am a little worried about my sneakers since a trainer at the gym noted that i need more supportive kicks. i know i am not supposed to get new shoes right before a race, so i am holding out. although i did go to jack rabbit today in nyc to get fitted and they  told me it was too late to do it tonight, to come back another time. bummer! but they did give me a coupon for 15% off my next purchase. not too bad!

tomorrow i am  off to do a 5 miler in the AM, then work, a club cuts class at nyhrc and then seeing Babies with some of my lady friends! i’ll let  you know about the film tomorrow.

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